About us

 Knoller (Plast Leather) was established in 1954 by Nahum Knoller, who built printing machines for leather and fabric and supplied printing services to bag manufacturers across the country. In 1958 Nahum's son, Aharon, joined the company and together they developed the company and began to sell various accessories for the bag industry.
Over the years they began to import fashion accessories and raw materials for the clothing, bags, belts, shoes and advertising industries. In 1987 Sagi, Nahum's grandson joined the company and so three generations were working side by side in the family business.
Today the company is mainly based on import of raw materials from a number of countries around the world (Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Italy, China and the US), as well as marketing of local materials made in Israeli factories.
Among the many clients of the company are fashion factories, sewing shops, boutiques (bridal), manufacturers and fashion designers, printing shops and advertising all over the country.
Selected Products (wholesale)
  Manual pressing machines, Automatic pressing machines for all raw materials
  Raw Materials (snaps, powder, decorative studs for closing
      and ornaments, buttons and studs for jeans, closing studs)
  Buckles and casting for the carious fashion branches
  Belt, police and all-size album screws
Plastic accessories for the Civilian and Military Industries
    (Buckles and various ladders)
Cotton and satin diagonal ribbons (dymex representatives,
     formerly S.A.R Dafna)
Polypropylene and cotton ribbons for bags and Yoga
Magnets, hooks, locks and accessories for bags
Regular, welded metal rings, casting rings
Covered buttons and buckles for fabric/leather/sky coating
     of clothing and upholstery
Velcro with/without glue in all sizes